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Fourth allotment amidst uncertainties

From Our Entrance Exams Expert

July 18, 2010 : The fourth allotment to Professional Degree Courses, Kerala, coming under the purview of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations will be announced on Monday, 19th July, 2010 at www.cee.kerala.gov.in

Candidates who get allotment/re-allotment and are required to pay fee/additional fee based on fourth allotment at one of the selected branches of State Bank of Travancore (List of Branches of SBT that would accept the fee is available at www.cee-kerala.org) The admission to Colleges also commences on 20th July, 2010.

Admission to Government/Aided/KAU, Government/University Controlled Self-financing Engineering Colleges will be from 20th to 22nd July, 2010.

As per the revised schedule for admission announced on 16th July, those getting allotment for Civil Engineering (CE), Dairy Science & Tech. (DS), Agricultural Engineering (AG), Information Technology (IT) have to report at the allotted college at 9 am on 20th July, 2010 for admission.

Admission to Architecture (AR), Instrumentation & Control-Engineering (IC) and Biomedical Engineering (BM) would be at 1 pm on 20th July, 2010.

On 21st, admission will be for Mechanical Engineering (ME), Bio-Technology (BT), Mechanical Production- Engineering (MP) at 9 am and for Industrial Engineering (IE), Production Engineering (PE), Mechanical Automobile (MA) and Automobile Engineering (AU) at 1 pm.

On July 22nd, the morning session will have admissions for Electronics & Communication Engineering (EC), Applied Electronics (AE), Electronics & Instrumentation (EI), Printing Technology (PT) and the after noon session will have admissions for Electrical & Electronics (EE), Chemical Engineering (CH) and Polymer Engineering (PO).

Admissions to Private Self financing Engineering Colleges will be on 20th and 21st July, 2010.

On 20th it will be for CE, FT, IT, EC and AE at 9 am and for AR, IC, BM, EE and CH at 1 pm. On 21st, admission for ME, BT, MP, EI and PT will be at 9 am and that for CS, IE, PE, MA, AU, PO and AO at 1 pm.

For MBBS in Government Medical Colleges and Government Supported Medical Colleges, the admissions will be from 21st July to 23rd July, 2010.

The list of documents to be carried by those reporting for admission is given as Clause 11.7.1 of the prospectus. They include (a) Admit Card of the Entrance Examination 2010 (b) Certificate to prove date of birth (c) Transfer Certificate from the Institution last attended and Conduct Certificate (d) Original mark list of the qualifying examination (Higher Secondary or equivalent) and the Pass certificate of the qualifying examination (if issued) (e) Eligibility certificate from any University in Kerala, in case of candidates who have passed a qualifying examination other than Higher Secondary Examination/Vocational Higher Secondary Examination conducted by Government of Kerala or the examination conducted by CBSE/CISCE (f) Migration Certificate, if applicable (g) Physical Fitness Certificate in the relevant format given in Annexure XVII (b) of the Prospectus 2010 (h) Receipt of fee remitted in the Bank and (i) any other documents required by the Head of Institution.

Those standing allotted to Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges after the fourth allotment have to join the colleges concerned after paying the fee (if applicable in the fourth allotment) failing which they will have to pay penalty of Rs.50000/- as per  Clause 12.2.4 (c) of the Prospectus, irrespective of their annual family income. In case of failure to remit penalty, the amount will be recovered under Revenue Recovery Act, as per the Prospectus.

Candidates allotted to Private Self financing Engineering Colleges after the fourth allotment, will not be eligible for any higher options. All their higher options will be invalid after the fourth allotment. There will be no allotments to Private Self financing Engineering Colleges after the fourth allotment except to a new Self financing Engineering College and a new Architecture College where allotment would continue.

Caution deposit for those getting allotted to Government/University Controlled Self financing Engineering Colleges has been fixed at Rs.5000/- (maximum) and for those admitted to Private Self financing Engineering Colleges it will be Rs.10,000/-. SC/ST/OEC candidates are exempted from this.

What Next? : Even when the allotment enters the fourth stage, the students in various rank lists and will not be a happy lot due to various reasons.

The facility for remittance of fee/additional fee based on fourth allotment will be available only from 20th July which is also the date to report to colleges where the fee receipt in support of the remittance made will have to be produced. It is not clear how the students would report to the college concerned at 9 am after remitting the fee in the one of the selected branches of SBT on the same day.

The restriction imposed by the agreement that those allotted to Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges would not be having higher options will adversely affect those likely to get allotments in Government/University Controlled Self-financing Colleges and some in Government/Aided Colleges, where there will be more allotments.

Those in the Engineering and Medical Rank lists who have taken an allotment in the Engineering stream and are positioned at Private Self financing Engineering Colleges after the 4th allotment will be the most worried lot. At least some of them would have got Medical Courses other than MBBS in Govt/Govt supported Self financing Medical Colleges (which have been included in the allotments so far), had the allotments been done along with the Engineering Allotments. This having not been done, some of them have been forced to take seats in the Engineering stream for the time being with the hope of getting a medical allotment when the same is conducted. Such candidates too have to join the college now for Engineering failing which they would lose their Engineering allotment and also will be liable to pay the penalty as per the Prospectus as there is no direction from the CEE to the contrary.

If they join the Private Self-financing Engineering College, there is no assurance or clarification from any corner on their future allotment, if they subsequently get a medical allotment, as the present position does not permit a movement out of the allotted seat in a Private Self-financing Engineering College without payment of penalty after the fourth allotment.
The CEE has clarified that the allotments to two Private Self-financing Colleges in the Engineering and Architecture stream would continue after the fourth allotment also. It has not been clarified who the beneficiaries of this allotment would be. Will it be those having higher options to these college or those having allotment to these colleges after the fourth round? Or, will it be those not having any allotments after the fourth round? As of now, those allotted to Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges after the 4th allotment, cannot move out without payment of penalty.

Nearly 50,000 students in the Medical Rank list who do not figure in the MBBS/BDS rank lists but are qualified to register options for other Medical Course will be the most unlucky lot as they have not even got a chance to register options so far. There is no indication as to when the option registration facility would be thrown open to them. At least some of them would have taken admissions in Arts and Science colleges where admissions are in the final stages. The delay in medical allotments would in turn upset the admissions in the Arts & Science colleges too where there would be considerable movement when the medical allotments are announced. 

Although the commencement of the allotments to Professional Courses in June gave some hope of an early completion of the allotment in 2010, the delay in medical allotments has upset the whole schedule. How far the allotments are going to be delayed is anybody’s guess.

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