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KEAM-2011: More changes in Last Ranks likely

By Our Entrance Exam Expert

Sept 5, 2011: With the activities related to the fourth phase of allotments for admission to the Professional Degree Courses, Kerala, expected to commence on September 12, 2011 as per the Notification of 29th August released by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations when the results of the third phase of allotments was announced, candidates close to the last ranks of the previous allotments are anxiously waiting for the outcome of the fourth allotment. 

This allotment is very important one for the Engineering students as well as the Medical aspirants.

For the Engineering aspirants, this would be the last opportunity for those allotted in Private Self Financing Engineering Colleges to get a change to Government Controlled Self financing Engineering Colleges as well as to the Government/Aided/KAU Colleges and thereby continue in the allotment process till the allotments are completed.

In case those admitted in the Private Self financing Engineering Colleges do not get a change from there even after the third Engineering allotment, they will have no other alternative, but to continue in the Private Self Financing Engineering College for their B Tech Course. All their higher options will be cancelled.

Those candidates who get a fresh allotment to this category of colleges in the third Engineering allotment also have to join the colleges concerned and continue there.

All these happen because of the clause in the Agreement reached between the Government and the Association of Private Self financing Engineering Colleges. As per this agreement, there will be only three allotments by the CEE to the Government seats in this category of colleges, for 2011-12. In case any student fails to remit fee, and those who remit fees and eventually do not take admission in these colleges based on the third allotment, they will be penalized as per clause 12.2.4 (c) of the Prospectus. Moreover, no cancellation of admission will be permissible after 13.09.2011, to students allotted to the 75 Private Self-financing Engineering Colleges included in the second phase.

The fourth phase of allotments will be the fourth allotment to the Government Medical Colleges and the third to all other courses including Engineering. It is expected that the Government Seats in the Private Self Financing Medical Colleges and those in the Government Controlled Self Financing Dental Colleges will be included in the fourth phase of allotments. Students also expect a decision on the Private Self financing Dental Colleges, the Ayurveda Colleges in the Government/Aided Sector and the Private Self financing sector and the BSMS course in the Self financing sector, before the commencement of the fourth phase allotment. If all these are included in the allotment process a clear picture of the trends in the final stages of allotments to follow will emerge.

The drop in last ranks in the Engineering allotments must be giving some hope for the students while it is likely to give some anxiety to at least some of the Engineering Colleges in the Self Financing Sector.

The drop in last ranks in the preferred colleges is giving some hope to those candidates close to the last ranks in these colleges now. Candidates with these ranks could not have expected a preferred college if the trends of 2010 continued as such in 2011 also. But the picture is quite different even when only two rounds of Engineering allotments have been completed.

The most preferred colleges among the engineering aspirants have seen some steep drop in last ranks after the second Engineering allotment announced on 29th August 2011. The most demanded branch at College of Engineering, Thriuvanathapuram (TVE), Electronics and Communication, accommodated candidates with rank up to 576 in State Merit (SM) after the second allotment of 2011. In 2010, the last rank here under SM for EC after the second allotment went to 335 and in the final phase (7th Engineering allotment) to rank 626. In the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th allotments in 2010, the last ranks under SM for EC at TVE were, 315,397,574 and 626 respectively. So the last rank after phase two allotment in 2011 has reached the last rank position of phase 5 allotment of 2010 for SM in EC at TVE. Such changes are noted in the other branches also here. For Mechanical, the last rank under SM after second engineering allotment of 2011 here stands at 660 while it was 335 in the second allotment of 2010 and 654 in the last allotment of 2010. For the other branches at College of Engineering, Thriuvanathapuram, the last ranks after the second allotment of 2011 and that on closing of allotment for 2010 are as follows.

Computer Science Engineering- 1349 (2011) and 1348 (2010); Applied Electronics and Instrumentation- 2477 and 2275; Civil- 2115 and 2390; Electrical and Electronics- 1028 and 1066; Industrial Engineering- 4643 and 3702

With the time limit to join the colleges allotted ending on 6th September, 2011, the vacancies due to non-joining will also be counted for the next phase of allotments.

The drop in last ranks under SM in TKM is also significant. The last ranks here in the last phase of allotment in 2010 in different branches were as follows.

Civil- 3674; Chemical- 5136; Computer Science Engineering- 3813; Electronics and Communication- 1761; Electrical and Electronics- 2405; Mechanical- 1283 and Mechanical Production- 4513

The last ranks as per the second engineering allotment of 2011 in different branches at TKM in State Merit are as follows.

Civil- 3397; Chemical-5452; Computer Science Engineering- 2674; Electronics and Communication- 1291; Electrical and Electronics- 2347; Mechanical- 1331 and Mechanical Production- 5193

State wide last ranks in SM for various branches in Govt /Aided/KAU Colleges for 2010 on closing of allotments were as follows.

AE-7525; AG-24037; CE-5328; CH-7305; CS-9426; DS-12311; EC-4726; EE-5472; IC-8691; IE-3702; IT-29568; ME-2615; MP-4513 and PE-7757

In 2011, the position after two allotments is as follows

AE-7083; AG-11322; CE-4879; CH-7052; CS-7044; DS- 9771; EC-4399; EE-4763; IC- 8029; IE- 4643; IT-13568; ME- 2905; MP-5193; PE-7231 and FE (Self Financing)- 20466.

In the Model Engineering College, one of the most preferred colleges in the Government Controlled Self financing category, the last ranks for various branches as per the second allotment of 2011 are as follows

BM- 9944 (Govt Quota), 20228 (Management); CS- 4016 and 8027; EC- 2005 and 4452; EE- 3259 and 6079

In 2010, the last ranks on closing of allotments for these branches were as follows.

BM- 8262 (Govt Quota), 37263 (Management); CS- 3844 and 11654; EC- 1924 and 4443; EE- 3337 and 6570

In 2010 candidates with rank up to 54236 had got an allotment under Government quota in one of the Government Controlled Self financing Colleges for IT. In the second allotment of 2010, the last rank allotted for IT in this category of colleges was 23006 while in 2011, after the second engineering allotment, the last allotment for IT stood at 26109 in this category of colleges under Government Quota.

In the case of Government Controlled self financing Engineering Colleges, the last ranks in 2010 for the different branches state wide in State Merit in Government Quota and in the Management seats after the final allotment were as follows.

AE-12420 (SM)-65952 (MG); BM-8262-37263; BT-19848-59310; CE-22054-69682; CS-41269-77301; EC-22677-68626; EE-23743-70308; EI-32684-70905; IT-54236-76856; MA-6566-18940; ME-15902-57004; MP-8340-20267; PO-35333-76980 and PT-38443-77034

The position in these colleges state wide after the second engineering allotment in 2011 is given below

AE-10158(SM)-21826(MG); BM-9944-20228; BT-14676-34970; CE-12122-38130; CS-19194-48176; EC-13124-42160; EE-17122-47045; EI-17503-50820; IT-26109-56200; MA-8030-13828; ME-8601-23463; MP-8839-14502; PO-25700-55051; PT-25560-51504

In the case of Private Self financing Engineering Colleges, four rounds of allotments were done in 2010 in majority of colleges and the last ranks for the different branches state wide in this category of colleges then were as follows.

AO-14897; BM-21410; ME-22481; PE-22736; AU-27241; CE-27370; IC-29839; EI-31916; EC-32361; BT-33333; EE-34272; FT-35979; CS-39770; AE-40078; IT-43961

In 2011, after the second engineering allotment, the position in these colleges as far as last ranks under State Merit are concerned a re as given below.

AO-26465; BM-53653; ME-38723; PE-56143; AU-43052; CE-45922; IC-32391; EI-46827; EC-56310; BT-52776; EE-56320; FT-51723; CS-56316; AE-56297; IT-56270

Here, the state wide last ranks of all branches as per the second allotment of 2011 have crossed the last ranks of the fourth and final allotment (in the colleges that closed allotment in the fourth round) of 2010.

With another allotment in the offing, the drop is going to be significant here.

With just 56336 students included in the rank list of the CEE, it seems that it would be difficult to allot candidates to all the government seats, with the last ranks in many branches already reaching a number close to 56336 after the second allotment.

In the case of the Medical stream, no trends can be identified at this stage on account of the non-inclusion of the Government seats in the Private self financing Medical Colleges. The present allotments are expected to undergo a major change when this category of seats will also be included in the process. The inclusion of Self financing BDS seats, BAMS seats in all categories of Colleges will also affect the allotments and the last rank positions in the other courses.

The State Merit allotment for MBBS in Government Medical Colleges has crossed the 600 mark for the first time. The last allotment in Government Medical Colleges for MBBS under SM stands at 602 after the third MBBS allotment. This has come down mainly due to the increase in seats for MBBS this year as compared to those available in 2010. The early completion of the first round of All India Quota Allotments for MBBS/BDS also must have contributed to this drop. This will naturally have its effect on the allotments in other courses under the medical stream.

Details about the fourth phase of allotments are expected from the office of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, shortly.

Website: www.cee-kerala.org and www.cee.kerala.gov.in
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