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Entrance classes  through Victers channel

Thiru’puram,July 28,2013: Classes being telecast as part of the Public Entrance Examination Coaching Scheme (PEECS) of the Government of Kerala, will commence at the VICTERS Channel on 29th July, 2013.

PEECS is a scheme of the Higher Education Department launched with the objective of giving Coaching to Higher Secondary and Vocal Higher Secondary students of Kerala, for the Entrance Examinations, free of cost.

The proposed Public Entrance Examination Coaching Scheme (PEECS) aims at imparting coaching to students of Government/Aided Higher Secondary Schools in Kerala by way of telecasting of classes with the help of experts in various subjects, based on the syllabi of the Entrance Examinations, providing the facility for the students to interact with experts, clear their doubts etc, attend practice tests and Entrance Examinations through a designated website and also setting up of a Question Bank with the assistance of expert faculty. All the facilities are offered to the students free of cost.

Components of PEECS: There will be 3 components for the PEECS Programme. One component will be the telecasting of classes through VICTERS channel at notified times. Classes in different subjects will be telecast from Monday to Friday during Day time. The re-telecast of these classes will be carried out in the night at notified times.

The second component will be the PEECS website which will cater to the different requirement of the student community on different aspects related to the Entrance Examinations. All students who register for PEECS will get the facility to (i) take entrance tests on the topics completed (ii) get a report on the score the test (iii) Get the correct answers to the questions in the test (iv) post a question to a subject expert and get an answer from him/her (v) understand his/her progress (vi) generate tests of different difficulty levels etc.

The third component will deal with the development of a Question Bank. All the subjects included in the PEECS scheme will be covered in the Question Bank. Questions will be added to the Bank as and when they are approved by the Subject Committees. 

Focus Area: The Programme initially will focus on the Kerala Engineering/Medical Entrance Examinations. The target group will be the first and second year students of Government and Aided Higher Secondary and Vocational Higher Secondary Schools in the state, in the Science streams with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as subjects.

Subjects covered: Subjects to be covered under the Coaching scheme would include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany and Zoology), the subjects based on which questions are asked for the Engineering/Medical Entrance Examinations in Kerala.

Registration of students: Any student of Higher Secondary/Vocational Higher Secondary in a Government/Aided school, who wishes to get the facilities offered by the PEECS website, will have to register themselves at the website http://peecs.kerala.gov.in/, through the Head of the Institution where they are studying. A registered student alone will get access to the facilities provided at the website. All facilities provided to the students can be accessed free of cost, in the Home Page of the student. A student can log into his/her Home page using the user name and password provided to him/her.

Facilities: Eligibility for getting the facilities of Engineering/Medical Entrance Examinations will depend on the subject they offer at the Plus two level. Those who have offered Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics can register for Engineering. Those who are studying Physics, Chemistry and Biology can register for the Medical stream. Students studying Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology can opt for Engineering and Medical, of they desire. So a student can get the facilities under Engineering or Medical or both. After a class is telecast through the VICTERS channel, the video of the class will be available in the Home page of the student. This can be viewed by the student conveniently.

After the completion of the class on a topic, a timed ‘Test’ related to the topic covered will be provided to the student in his/her Home page. The test can be taken by the student conveniently. Score of the Test will be given on completion of the test. Correct answers to the questions can be viewed by the student. More tests will be made available on the same topic in due course. As the topics progress, students will get the facility to take mid-term tests in which questions from several topics will be included. On completion of the training modules, Tests as per the pattern of the Entrance Examinations will be made available to the students.

Students will get the facility to post questions through the home page, to the resource person who has engaged a session under PEECS. The answer will be given to the student by the concerned resource person.

Timings of Telecast: Classes will be telecast through VICTERS Channel of IT@School form Monday to Friday. Live Streaming of the Classes will also be available at http://victers.itschool.gov.in/

Classes of Second years Higher Secondary will be telecast from 9.30 am to 10.30 am on 29th July, 2013 and that for the First Year Higher Secondary students, from 1.30 to 2.30 pm (2.30 pm to 3.30 pm on Fridays) frpm 19.8.2013. Repeat telecasts will be there in the night, on the same day. The Classes of Second years Higher Secondary will be re-telecast from 6 pm to 7 pm and that for the First Year Higher Secondary students, from 9 pm to 10 pm.

Subjects and Days of telecast: The classes on various subjects under PEECS will be telecast as follows. Monday- Mathematics; Tuesday-Physics; Wednesday-Chemistry; Thursday-Botany; Friday-Zoology

Guidance Programmes: During the telecast of various classes, tips on different aspects of Professional education including the scope of various courses/branches, guidance on the various entrance examinations including Kerala Entrance Examinations, counseling related information etc; will also be telecast.

PEECS Faculty: Resource persons for PEECS will be Faculty drawn from various Institutions. Services of retired faculty are also being used. They will be designing the test modules for the Programme and will be attending to the queries of the students.

Departments involved: This Programme is a New Initiative of the Higher Education Department. This is being implemented with the support of the General Education Department, Directorate of Collegiate Education, the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education and Directorate of Public Instructions. IT@ School, VICTERS, Kerala State IT Mission, KELTRON etc provide technical support for the implementation of the Programme.

Programme Implementation: The implementation of the Programme is supervised by an Executive Committee with the Additional Chief Secretary, Higher Education Department, as the Chairman.
Mail: peecskerala@gmail.com

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