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Kozhikode Med College to lose 8 AIQ seats?

Anju Susan James

Kochi, August 11, 2013: The slackness on the part of officials along with the obscurity in communication between the departments concerned may cost Kerala as many as eight MBBS seats under All India Quota.

As per a notification published by Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) on August 8, 2013, eight seats allotted to Kozhikode Medical College under All India Quota has become a question mark.

Though the number of MBBS seats allotted to Kozhikode Medical College was earlier reduced to 200 citing lack of infrastructure and other facilities, the Medical Council of India on June 26, 2013, had reinstated 50 seats thereby increasing the total number of seats to 250.

The MCC notification shows 38 seats (15 per cent of 250 seats) allotted under All India Quota for Kozhikode Medical College during first and second round allotments. However, it has been marked -8 (negative eight) against the third round allotment column, which indicates that the MCC would cancel eight seats out of 38 during the third allotment. Thirty seats under All India Quota mean 15 per cent of 200 seats. Hence, it is understood that MCC has not received any information from the college on the reinstatement of the 50 seats.

The notification addressed to the Dean/Director/Principal/Director Medical Education of the participating colleges clearly says that the respective colleges need to confirm the correctness of the number of seats before 4 pm on August 10, 2013.

"We had notified the MCC about the reinstatement of 50 seats on June 26 itself. A copy of the letter forwarded to MCC in this regard was also given to DME. The MCC had conducted allotment to 38 seats under All India Quota in our college out of which 34 students have already joined," said Dr C Ravindran, principal of the Kozhikode Medical College.

He also pointed out some discrepancies in the MCC notification. "The notification shows that the seats were reduced in the third allotment as per a letter dated June 24 sent from the college. If this is true, then how did MCC made allotment to 38 seats during first and second round allotments, which were conducted during last week of July and first week of August respectively," he asked and blamed MCC for any goof up that has happened with the number of seats.

According to Director of Medical Education (DME) Dr V Geetha, it is the responsibility of individual colleges to write to MCC regarding the enhancement/ cancellation of seats. "Kozhikode Medical College might have written to the officials concerned regarding the reinstatement of the seats. A copy of this communication could be with them. It could be an error in the notification released by MCC," she said.

When Mathrubhumi Education Online contacted Dr Sanjay Sreevastava, Assistant Director General to Medical Education, who issued the notification, he said that he is yet to receive any information from the college regarding the increase in the number of seats. "The college authorities are yet to communicate the discrepancy. Only after they raise a complete, further course of action could be decided," he said.

If anything goes wrong, then the state might lose its eight seats and eight students their deserving college.

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